Unit / ITO Evaluator

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Who should attend this course?

Those looking to complete theoretical and practical UTP testing to the relevant UTP requirements and qualify as a unit or ITO evaluator.

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UK CAA Approved Courses


Unit / ITO Evaluator

Entrants will be trained to complete assessments of trainees engaged in initial unit training.

The course is conducted by experienced ITO verifiers and will encompass current training philosophies, particularly the application of the Unit Training Plan (UTP).

Entrants will be assessed on all simulated, practical and oral test exercises to determine their suitability and competence levels.

Practical exercises will be carried out using Global ATS airspace documentation, as specific unit procedures will not be simulated or assessed.

  • Recommendation by ITO or ANSP
  • Air traffic controller qualification that meets the Civil Aviation
  • Authority’s experience requirements for the grant of an evaluator endorsement as per CAP 584
  • Unit Training plans and Assessment Philosophy (Theory)
  • Testing Methodology (Theory)
  • Assessment conduct
  • Practical testing techniques – note taking (Theory)
  • Verbal testing techniques (Theory)
  • Question preparation (Theory)
  • Record keeping (Theory)
  • Practical testing
  • Verbal testing
  • CAP 1251
  • CAP 584
  • CAP 624
Course Duration

2 Days

Generally the UK Evaluator course is run Monday - Tuesday.

Group Size

2 - 6 Students per course

Courses are run with groups ranging from 2 to 6 students per course. Courses remain 3 days regardless of group size

Course Dates

Multiple Courses Per Year

Our UK Evaluator Courses are run throughout the year as demand necessitates