On the Job Training Instructor

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Who should attend this course?

Those looking to receive training to prove the necessary skills, knowledge and competence required to gain a satisfactory result in On the Job Training Instructor course. This will be achieved by both theoretical and practical instruction, demonstrations and a verbal examination.

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ICAO Standard ATC Courses


On the Job Training Instructor

Designed for qualified air traffic controllers, the course aims to cover all aspects of On the Job Training Instruction and includes a pre-course “Distance Learning Package” which entrants are required to complete prior to attending the course. The training prepares prospective OJTIs to conduct training and/or training in accordance with a Unit Training Plan. It also equips future OJTIs to prepare, train, monitor, evaluate and debrief trainees. The course incorporates theoretical and practical instruction, demonstrations and a verbal examination.

All entrants should:
  • Have a minimum English language proficiency of ICAO Level 4.

  • Have an air traffic control rating / qualification.

  • OJTI in ATC (Theory)
  • Elements and organizations (Theory)
  • Teaching techniques (Theory)
  • Assessment techniques (Theory)
  • Report writing (Theory)
  • Monitoring OJTI performance (Theory)
  • Human factors (Theory)
  • How people learn (Theory)
  • Behaviour patterns (Theory)
  • Airspace to be used during the course (Theory)
  • Area / Approach / Tower Control Theory (as appropriate)
  • Radar Theory (as appropriate)
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Data Display
  • Unusual and Emergency Situations
  • ICAO Doc 4444
Course Duration

1 Week

The ICAO OJTI Course consists of both theoretical training modules, and practical training.

Group Size

3 - 8 Students per course

Courses are run with groups ranging from 3 to 8 students per course. Courses remain 1 week regardless of group size

Course Dates


Our ICAO OJTI Course dates are subject to customer requirements. We typically require at least 4 weeks advance notice before starting a new course