Wildlife Habitat Management

Target Audience

Wildlife Hazard and Bird Risk Management Staff and Managers

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Wildlife Habitat Management

Delivered in conjunction with Aviaire, this modular course aims to cover all theory and practical elements of wildlife hazard and bird risk management.

Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs)
Introduction into the statutory and regulatory requirements in wildlife hazard management. Overview on industry best practice.
Aims and Purposes of Bird Control and Wildlife Habitat Management
Introduction into how wildlife habitat management fits into the bigger picture of airport safeguarding and gives the student a firm understanding of the reasons why wildlife habitat management is so crucial to flight safety.
Wildlife Management Roles and Responsibilities
Focusing on the hierarchy of responsibilities in wildlife and bird control on an airport; from the bird controller, airside operations staff through to airport management.
Wildlife Management Techniques and Equipment
Covers the wide range of methods and techniques in wildlife and bird dispersal, the required equipment and future technology, going into more detail on the techniques and equipment in use at students’ own airports.
Record Keeping and Reporting
Focusing on data collection and record keeping by wildlife and bird control staff to support statutory, regulatory, and best practice reporting
Bird Biology and Recognition
An introduction to the basics of bird anatomy and cognises so a bird controller understands how birds think and respond. This learning can be applied in the field to maximise control and bird risk mitigation.
Habitat Management
This module gives an insight into why the habitat in and around an airfield and property is an attractant to wildlife and how it could be modified to minimise attraction to wildlife and birds.
Health and Safety
An induction into assessments and best practice to mitigate the risks associated with passive and lethal wildlife and bird control.
Shotguns, Signal Pistol and Pyrotechnics
This module covers all aspects of shotguns, Signal Pistols, Pyrotechnics, the law, risk assessments, safe handling, storage and use on an operational airfield.
Firearm Awareness
The module includes detailed weapons briefs, safe handling, storage and maintenance
Firearm Health & Safety
This module covers health and safety policies and procedures, how to carry out weapon risk assessments and use on an operational airfield.
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2-10 Students per Course

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