GALA is an assessment of the Aviation Language Proficiency of aviation personnel. It assesses the ability of candidates to communicate in plain English within an aviation context according to the requirements of the ICAO Rating Scale.

Incident Investigation & SMS

A Safety Management System attempts to prevent harm from arising in the conduct of normal
operations. Sometimes, however, in spite of the best intentions, occurrences do happen. While
their consequences may vary, they afford an opportunity to learn and put in place the needed
process repairs and/or system reforms to make things better.

General and Aviation English Language Masterclass

The ICAO circular 323 ‘Guidelines for English Training Programmes’ defines the standards to be met in order to improve aviation communications worldwide, and states that their one single concern is safety.  Effective and efficient training is key to meeting these standards. The specific aim of this course is to attain and maintain the language proficiency defined as ICAO Operational Level 4.

Classroom Instructional Techniques


Our Classroom Instructional Techniques course aims to enable experienced ATCOs to validate as classroom instructors.

Training methodology includes:

  • Classroom lessons
  • Classroom observations
  • Visual aids, Lesson and Test Preparation Workshops
  • Practical Lessons
  • Final Written Test

AIM Specialists

Artistic aeroplane

A four week course of English language specifically geared towards AIM specialists.

Initially it focusses on developing general English skills, then progresses to aviation specific tuition.

ICAO Language Testing

Conducted by our qualified English professors, our ICAO language proficiency tests can be conducted either:

  • At our UK campus
  • At the customer’s preferred location
  • Using online video conferencing*

Candidates are tested using the ICAO rating scale, which contains the following six level descriptors:

  • Level 6: Expert
  • Level 5: Extended
  • Level 4: Operational
  • Levels 1 – 3: Non-operational.

*video conferencing subject to customer’s internet bandwidth.

ICAO Rater Training

open book

The ICAO Raters Course trains delegates to assess aviation personnel on the ICAO Language Proficiency Scale.

Training is given in the theoretical and linguistic basis of testing and this is implemented through practical exercises in the design and administration of tests.

The course is intended primarily for Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots or other Aviation experts who seek to qualify as ICAO Language Proficiency Raters.

Delegates are assessed on their competence to rate recorded and live candidates according to the ICAO Scale and on their ability to design and administer appropriate tests themselves.

Certificates of ICAO Language Proficiency Competence are issued to successful participants.

ATC Refresher (059)


General topic areas pertaining to ATC operations are defined by customer requirements.

Specific areas can be related to communications, non-standard phraseology, actions relating to emergency situations or technical failures, review of ICAO Docs, safety management, Human Factors and operational best practice to name a few.

Ab Initio (051)

students learning

The Basic Course follows the ICAO syllabus, with appropriate elements of the European Common Core Content and meets the requirements and objectives for the ICAO 051 course.

OJTI & Refresher


Designed for experienced controllers, the course covers all aspects of On the Job Training and includes a pre- course ‘Distance Learning Package’ which entrants are required to complete prior to attending the course.

The training prepares prospective OJTIs to conduct training in accordance with the Unit Training Plan. It also equips future OJTIs to prepare, train, monitor, evaluate and debrief trainees.

The course further trains for STDI duties which form an additional privilege of the endorsement.

The full course incorporates theoretical and practical instructions, demonstrations and a verbal examination. Because of this, the full course must be completed on-campus.

OJTI Refresher is available on-line.