Assistant Course

Control tower

This course is designed to prepare entrants to carry out the role of an Air Traffic Controller Assistant and incorporates airfield visits, practical instruction, written and/or verbal tests.

The course runs at a relaxed pace and the entrant receives a certificate to confirm their successful completion of the course.

Feast Test


The First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test (FEAST) assesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of applicants for Air Traffic Control (ATC) training that are relevant and necessary for the ATCO job.

FEAST Service is currently used by 45 organisations. Some 55000 candidates have completed the FEAST selection tests since the start of the FEAST Service.

Global ATS is licensed to conduct these computer based tests for candidates in Eurocontrol member states and outside Europe.

The FEAST service:

  • is a professional state-of-the-art web-based testing tool
  • improves the quality of selection decision making by ATC recruiters
  • contributes to the cost efficiency of the overall recruitment and selection process and
  • helps to increase the success rate of ATC trainees.

Aptitude Assessment

Under the control of a highly experienced and accomplished instructor, entrants will undertake a series of tests to assess theory, practical and communication skills. The tests will focus around:

  • Classroom tests
  • Simulator assessments
  • Interview with the instructor

A report will be provided which outlines the entrant’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the key areas that are essential for a career as an Air Traffic Controller.