52 Week Diploma

Jet aircraft

Who should attend this course?

The full 52 week diploma course has been designed to give candidates training and assessments in all major ATC disciplines. This course includes aviation English training and testing, plus a comprehensive eight week basic training induction.

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ICAO Standard ATC Courses


52 Week Diploma

A comprehensive training schedule designed to impart all necessary ATCO skills and knowledge to ab-initio candidates.

This includes aviation English refresher workshops and assesments; basic induction modules; and full training in each core ATC discipline.

  • Students should be fluent in English to the ICAO English Language Level 4 standard.
  • Delegates must be at least 18 years old on completion.
  • ICAO 291 - Aviation English - 4 weeks
  • ICAO 051 - Basic Induction - 8 weeks
  • ICAO 052 - Aerodrome Control - 7 weeks
  • ICAO 053 - Approach Procedural - 7 weeks
  • ICAO 054 - Approach Radar - 10 weeks
  • ICAO 055 - Area Procedural - 7 weeks
  • ICAO 054 - Area Radar - 9 weeks
Course Duration

52 Weeks

Group Size

6 - 9 students per course

Course Dates

On request