Ab Initio (051)

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Who should attend this course?

Students that require the underpinning knowledge necessary to enable them to commence further training towards Air Traffic Control ratings in Aerodrome, Approach and Area Control disciplines.

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Ab Initio (051)

The Basic Course follows the ICAO syllabus, with appropriate elements of the European Common Core Content and meets the requirements and objectives for the ICAO 051 course.

  • Students should be fluent in English to the ICAO English Language Level 4 standard.
  • Delegates must be at least 18 years old on completion.
  • The educational standards require that the student is the holder of any educational qualification which would enable the applicant to gain access to university or a similar educational institution; or has sufficient experience and education to give the applicant a reasonable prospect of completing air traffic control training.
  • Delegates must have a valid Class 3 Medical issued by an approved Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).
  • Aviation Laws
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Equipment and Systems
  • Aircraft Performance and Aircraft Recognition
  • Human Factors
  • Professional Environment
  • ATC Licencing
Course Duration

6 Weeks

The ICAO 051 Ab Initio Course consists of 6 weeks of theoretical training modules.

Group Size

3 - 8 Students per course

Courses are run with groups ranging from 3 to 8 students per course. Courses remain 6 weeks regardless of group size

Course Dates


Our ICAO 051 Ab Initio Course dates are subject to customer requirements. We typically require at least 4 weeks advance notice before starting a new course