ATC Refresher (059)


Who should attend this course?

Those looking to refresh their theoretical and operational knowledge of Air Traffic Controller with respect to essential topics relating to ATC operations.

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Available Online, ICAO Standard ATC Courses


ATC Refresher (059)

General topic areas pertaining to ATC operations are defined by customer requirements.

Specific areas can be related to communications, non-standard phraseology, actions relating to emergency situations or technical failures, review of ICAO Docs, safety management, Human Factors and operational best practice to name a few.

All entrants must should:
  • Have a minimum English language proficiency of ICAO Level 4.

  • Have an air traffic control rating / qualification.

  • Non-standard phraseology
  • Actions relating to emergency situations or technical failures
  • Review of ICAO Docs
  • Safety management
  • Human Factors
  • Operational best practice
  • ICAO Docs
  • ESAAR Docs
Course Duration

1-4 Weeks

The ICAO 059 Refresher Course consists of both theoretical training modules, and practical training.

Group Size

3 - 8 Students per course

Courses are run with groups ranging from 3 to 8 students per course. Courses remain between 1 and 4 weeks regardless of group size

Course Dates


Please see the upcoming courses section for specific dates.