Business English

Business men

Who should attend this course?

Those looking to improve their English language skills, focussing specifically on business-centric terms and phrases.

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English Language Courses


Business English

An initial module focussing on the consolidation and review of general English, followed by a specific business English module.

  • Students should already have a solid grasp of basic English.
Business Topics:
Organizational Structure, Marketing & Advertising, Contracts, Statistics: trends and ratios, Insurance, Contracts, Accountancy & Finance.
Business Communications:
Business Correspondence, Telephone Technique, Interpersonal Interactions, Conferences, Corporate Entertaining, Language of Meetings, Presentations, Negotiations, Cultural Awareness.
Human Resource Management:
Basic Terms in Personnel, Working Conditions, Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, Application and Selection, Interviewing Techniques, Benefits, Self Appraisal, Stress and Time Management, Discipline and Grievance, Training
Supervisory Management:
Leadership Styles, Staff Motivation, Delegation, Decision-making, Change and Innovation
  • English Language Course books, Dictionaries and specially prepared material are issued to course participants.
  • Classroom language study is developed through practical, communicative activities and exercises.
Course Duration

3 weeks

Group Size

3 - 20 students per course

Course Dates

On request