Feast Test


Who should attend this course?

Those interested in a career in air traffic control are strongly advised to sit an aptitude assessment test prior to training. The FEAST assessment has been sat by over 50000 candidates, so is widely accepted across Europe.

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Feast Test

The First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test (FEAST) assesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of applicants for Air Traffic Control (ATC) training that are relevant and necessary for the ATCO job.

FEAST Service is currently used by 45 organisations. Some 55000 candidates have completed the FEAST selection tests since the start of the FEAST Service.

Global ATS is licensed to conduct these computer based tests for candidates in Eurocontrol member states and outside Europe.

The FEAST service:

  • is a professional state-of-the-art web-based testing tool
  • improves the quality of selection decision making by ATC recruiters
  • contributes to the cost efficiency of the overall recruitment and selection process and
  • helps to increase the success rate of ATC trainees.
The FEAST service is available to everyone, but it is highly recommended candidates have:
  • minimum Language Level 4 (ICAO Language Proficiency rating – refer  to EU ATCO Licensing Directive for more information).
Consists of 3 modules:
  1. A set of cognitive tests and an English language test
  2. ATC work sample tests
  3. The FEAST Personality Questionnaire (FPQ)
Course Duration

1 Day

Mainly computer based testing modules, with a one on one interview.

Group Size


While there may be others taking tests on the same day, all practical work and interviews are conducted 1 on 1.

Course Dates

As Requireed

We schedule around 4 Feast assessment days per year, but other dates can be arranged with suitable notice.