ICAO Rater Training

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Who should attend this course?

Those looking to develop the knowledge and skills to design and administer ICAO Language Proficiency Tests and to rate the language level of test-takers on the ICAO Scale.

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ICAO Rater Training

The ICAO Raters Course trains delegates to assess aviation personnel on the ICAO Language Proficiency Scale.

Training is given in the theoretical and linguistic basis of testing and this is implemented through practical exercises in the design and administration of tests.

The course is intended primarily for Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots or other Aviation experts who seek to qualify as ICAO Language Proficiency Raters.

Delegates are assessed on their competence to rate recorded and live candidates according to the ICAO Scale and on their ability to design and administer appropriate tests themselves.

Certificates of ICAO Language Proficiency Competence are issued to successful participants.

  • Entrants require an English Language Proficiency of Level 6, as measured on the ICAO Language Proficiency Scale.
  • Entrants should be Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots or other appropriately qualified Aviation experts.
  • Principles of Verbal Language Testing
  • The ICAO Language Proficiency Scale
  • ICAO Language Proficiency categories
  • Design of ICAO Language Proficiency Tests
  • Administration of Tests
  • Marking of Tests
  • Rating of Oral Performance
  • Practicals: test preparation and administration
  • Practicals: rating recorded and live candidates on the ICAO Scale
  • UK CAA Cap 624
  • ICAO Doc 9835 AN/45
Students are provided with specially prepared and extensive course material.
Course Duration

2 - 3 Days

The English Rater Courses last between 2 and 3 days.

Group Size

2 - 6 Students per course

Courses are run with groups ranging from 2 to 6 students per course.

Course Dates


Our English Raters Course dates are subject to customer requirements. We typically require at least 4 weeks advance notice before starting a new course