Incident Investigation & SMS


This incident investigation course is broken into three modules, and is intended to help train the
candidate to prevent future recurrence.

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Incident Investigation & SMS

A Safety Management System attempts to prevent harm from arising in the conduct of normal
operations. Sometimes, however, in spite of the best intentions, occurrences do happen. While
their consequences may vary, they afford an opportunity to learn and put in place the needed
process repairs and/or system reforms to make things better.

This introductory module is prepared to develop a cadre of safety leaders who are or will be involved in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of a SMS within their organizations. This course will expose participants to the concepts of SMS and to provide them with the knowledge and tools to help them on their SMS journey.
Human Factors are believed to be causal or contributory to 90% or more of all aviation safety mishaps or occurrences. The goal of this introductory module is to provide a foundation in human performance issues which, in turn, apply to both SMS and occurrence investigation and analysis.
The goals of this module are to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to investigate an occurrence. Enabling them to:
  • understand the events leading up to the occurrence;
  • Identify causal and contributory factors (active and latent factors);
  • Make recommendations to eliminate unacceptable hazards and/or reduce their risks;
  • Communicate the Module learned broadly.
Course Duration

3 weeks

Group Size

Max 10 per course

Course Dates

4 per year