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Global ATS has brought together a team of experienced Airport and ATM aviation Safety Management specialists who have been using and teaching SMS over many years. The team has collectively embraced the developments and lessons learned as Safety Management systems have been implemented throughout the aviation industry.

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Safety Management

Safety is the most important factor in any aviation operational discipline and it is essential that everyone involved has a clear understanding of how safety can be managed within their area of responsibility.

Safety assurance and awareness can be provided through regular training and awareness activities from the very basic introduction of a safety management framework; an understanding of human performance; the composition of safety assurance documentation; conducting risk assessments; through to the integration of a safety culture within an organisation.

An understanding of the need for a safety management within an operational organisation and the essential components and framework of a Safety Management System. The framework conforms to ICAO and EASA recommendations.
A development of an implementation plan for an SMS within an organisation to ensure it maintains its safety objectives whilst supporting effective and efficient delivery of services. The plan will result from a gap analysis and introduce a phased-approach style towards implementation.
An in depth examination of the requirements and composition of an SMS. This will explain how to implement and improve safety management through safety monitoring and key performance targets; the introduction of a safety culture; the impact of human behaviour; an integrated quality management system; and how to promote safety awareness though training, education and communication.
A detailed explanation of safety risk management which includes hazard identification, safety risk assessment and the elaboration of appropriate mitigation measures. Relevant examples and practical application methods will be explored.
An introduction of the importance of human factors which describes human performance and how its failure can lead to incidents/accidents in the aviation system. This will provide an overview of the Human Factor (HF) concepts, and practical examples relevant to the operational environment in the aviation industry.
Detailed guidance on the compilation of safety assurance documentation, including Safety Manuals; safety assurance documents for procedural changes and the creation of safety cases for equipment, which will require regulatory approval prior to their introduction.
An introduction to auditing techniques which provides a systematic and independent examination of an organisation’s safety management system (SMS) as it applies to the necessary ICAO standards or EASA regulations. This evidence-based exercise will provide a gap analysis leading to a detailed report of the findings together with recommendations for compliance.
Course Duration

7 Weeks

The Safety Management Systems courses each run between 1 day and 1 week or can be delivered as a complete 3 week SMS Package

Group Size

4 - 8 Students per course

Courses are run with groups ranging from 1 to 20 students per course. Larger groups equate to significant pricing discounts

Course Dates

5 Courses Per Year

Our Safety management courses are run on an ad hoc basis. We typically ask for at least 4 weeks advance booking before courses commence. Courses can run at either our UK Campus or client site