Wildlife Hazard Management

Wildlife Hazard Management Courses

Global ATS has partnered with Aviaire Ltd, a UK company with over 30 years’ of experience in wildlife hazard management. Aviaire provides training courses focused on effectively reducing the risk of wildlife strikes and increasing operational efficiencies.

The training courses fully support implementation of ICAO SARPs and they are consistent with international good practice.

The results support improved air safety and improved operational business for airport operators.

Each delegate attending a training course receives A course slide pack; and a Full colour certificate with Aviaire seal of certification.
Those attending an on site course also receive an Aviaire pen and exercise book.

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Wildlife Hazard Management

Good wildlife hazard management is not all about equipment. It is also about understanding why the wildlife is presenting risks to aircraft and how best to effectively and efficiently reduce the likelihood of wildlife strikes.

The key is good practice in wildlife hazard management processes with appropriate use of equipment, resources, and personnel.

All courses can be offered on site; at Global ATS’ training centre; or online.

Course durations and fees will vary slightly depending on the delivery requirement.

An induction for personnel who have little or no established wildlife hazard management experience on an operational aerodrome, be it directly for an aerodrome operator or as part of a subcontracted service. All attendees will gain an understanding and appreciation of their role and responsibilities with training in successful good practice wildlife hazard management techniques.
This course is intended as an introduction for Air traffic control officers (ATCO’s, SATCO’s and FISO’s) to gain an understanding in wildlife hazard management techniques as deployed on an airfield, and to inform an understanding of the information needed to be passed on to pilots to ensure risks of wildlife strike are mitigated as far as reasonably possible.
This course is intended for aerodrome personnel with management responsibilities and accountability in wildlife hazard management. Course attendees will gain a complete understanding of the good practice steps in strategic wildlife hazard management. Case study-based training develops full understanding and skills to support aerodrome compliance with standards in ICAO Doc 9137: Airport Services Manual, Part 3 — Wildlife Hazard Management (5th Edition, 2020). This will also provide the template for ensuring the risks of wildlife strike on and surrounding an aerodrome are mitigated effectively and efficiently as far as reasonably possible.
Course Duration

0.5 to 1.5 Days

Group Size

1 -15 Students per Course

Course Dates