Global ATS is pleased to announce its 2021 course plan with bookings available immediately. The 2021 course plan reflects the feedback received from a comprehensive market engagement undertaking completed earlier this year.

Courses available include Basic Training Course, Aerodrome Control, Approach Procedural, Approach Surveillance, On the Job Training Instruction (OJTI) and Competency Assessor.

To continue its flexible approach to the 2021 course plan, Global ATS can offer additional courses if demand meets a minimum booking requirement. Dates for other shorter courses are also available to assist customer operational planning covering OJTI Refresher and Assessor Refresher.

Customer specific training covering Specialist Aviation and English Language Training is available throughout the year on a ad-hoc customer specific requirement.

Andy Cameron, Academy Director, said “The 2021 course plan reflects the changes in training demand following the recent pandemic. We will continue to adapt to customer demands and market forces throughout the coming months and year. We resumed training in June following the lockdown and are covid secure. The safety of our students and staff was our number one priority when compiling the 2021 course plan.”

For further information please contact Andy Cameron, Academy Director

Tel: + 44 (0) 1452 715 630
Email: andy.cameron@global-ats.com