Global ATS is working with Clifton Aviation to provide its trainee air traffic controllers with live flying alongside the standard air traffic training syllabus. This provides Global ATS students with a truly real and immersive experience of the cooperation and communication between controllers and pilots.

Marcus Mimms, Global ATS Managing Director, said “Working with Clifton Aviation to provide our students with flying time provides real value to our students and customers. The approach and care taken by Clifton Aviation is synonymous to the high standards that Global ATS expect from itself. The feedback we have received from our students is excellent and the experience has provided great enthusiasm back in the classroom.”

Mo Nejad, Clifton Aviation Managing Director added “Clifton Aviation is pleased to work with Global ATS to support its air traffic control students with a real flying experience. Clifton Aviation approach students from Global ATS with the same standard provided to our own cadets or experienced pilots. Clifton Aviation ensures that Global ATS students understand more about the communication between pilots and air traffic control which will undoubtedly support the learning and future decision making once qualified.”

Images are of a recent course containing students from Kazaeronavigatsia currently undergoing a 52-week program to complete English Language & Aviation English, Basic, Aerodrome, Approach Surveillance, Approach Procedural, Area Surveillance, Area Procedural & Safety Management Systems training courses. During the 52-week schedule these students also complete 15 hours of pilot training with Clifton Aviation.