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We are pleased to introduce our 15-week General and Aviation English Masterclass.

This course is designed to prepare delegates to use English effectively in their future real-life working environments. English is the language most widely used by the aviation community, and is indeed a requirement for aviation professionals. One of the main focuses of the aviation community is to improve levels of spoken English, and at Global we are dedicated to providing high quality training to enable students to meet the language requirements necessary to a career in the industry.

The ICAO circular 323 ‘Guidelines for English Training Programmes’ defines the standards to be met in order to improve aviation communications worldwide, and states that their one single concern is safety.  Effective and efficient training is key to meeting these standards. The specific aim of this course is to attain and maintain the language proficiency defined as ICAO Operational Level 4.

The course is aimed at ICAO level 2 delegates who require ICAO level 4 for operational roles such as Civil or Military ATC or Trainee Pilots.

The main course objectives are to improve, through guided practice delegates ability in the area of the ‘foundation skills’, namely:

  1. Pronunciation
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Listening Comprehension
  4. Grammatical Structure

To apply these in the context of the two additional ‘Communicative Skills’, namely:

  1. Fluency
  2. Interactions

Visit the course page for more details.

To discuss any requirements in person, please contact Marcus Mimms (General Manager)