Cessna 150 model

EASA will shortly publish a revised Specification for the ATCO Common Core Content SPEC 0113.

This document details the European curriculum for Air Traffic Controller Initial Training. There are now a further 56 ECCC objectives to deliver on the Basic course. Further progression in training delivery will now require the inclusion of both Aerodrome (IFR and VFR) and Radar based practical simulator objectives to be assessed. This will require training on our ATC simulators.

With the challenge of all the amendments to EU regulations; ATC Equipment improvements; changes in procedures; together with improvements in course delivery using more effective modes of delivery (team role play, e-learning and workshops); and the above issues, there is a pressing need to improve our Basic course.

As a Training college, we are always striving to improve our course delivery for our students. Historically, due to commercial pressure our courses have been compressed into extremely tight time frames, leaving little margin for slower learning students to keep with the pace of training. As a responsible step towards allowing as high a potential as possible of students to achieve success on the course, we have now made the decision to increase the length to 7 weeks.

Three main reasons for this are:

  • Incorporation of Aerodrome practical training
  • A further 56 objectives to be taught
  • Improving the students pace of learning.

Due to the enhancements to the course described above there will be a price increase required. This is to fund; the extra week of training; the simulator costs; and the development costs for this process.

Be assured though that this new course will vastly improve the experience for the student, as exams are staggered at more manageable intervals, with an improved pace of learning and will allow for enhanced discussions of difficult topics.

The new cost for the 7 week course is £6,650.00 plus VAT.