• UK ATC Training

    Courses accredited by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

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  • ICAO Training

    International Air Traffic Control Courses regulated by ICAO for sponsored international students.

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  • Safety & Fire Management

    Airport Safety & Fire Management Training

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  • Simulation & Technology

    Accurate airspace and aerodrome model development.

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  • English Language Training

    Tailored English language courses for international students

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We want to make the world a better place by developing minds from around the world.


To make a difference in the development of aviation professionals through the provision of a culturally sensitive, English centric learning environment.


  • We strive to develop and nurture our most valuable resource, our people, to ensure excellent employee satisfaction
  • We deliver tailored, reliable and quality solutions to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction
  • We provide a positive and enjoyable experience for students, customers, stakeholders and team members alike
  • We engage the latest industry technologies in order to build professional, cost effective education and service delivery solutions
  • We bring the local English home environment to international students in order to raise their English language learning experience to the highest level possible

Due to rapidly changing training requirements, ATC consultant instructors in most ratings can be required on a short term basis at short notice to fulfil both UK and ICAO course delivery. Global ATS are happy to accept  resumes for both instructor and psuedo pilot roles (blippys), and we will endeavour to keep potential candidates informed Continue Reading