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Apprenticeship Complaints and Appeals


This policy has been created to provide information and the process that a trainee can adhere to should they have a complaint with regards to Global ATS personnel, training, equipment or an administrative task.

This policy also details the actions to be taken if a trainee or apprentice wishes to appeal the result of a complaint or the conduct of an assessment or an examination. This process does not allow the trainee or apprentice to appeal the outcome of an assessment or examination.



This policy applies to all UK/EU and ICAO training course trainees. Trainees on Non-UK courses have the right of appeal in accordance with this policy.

Trainees and apprentices on UK courses have the further right of appeal against the conduct of an assessment in accordance with Regulation 6 of the Civil Aviation Authority Regulations 1991.

Any trainee wishing to use this right of appeal shall inform their Lead Instructor, who will in turn inform the Management Team. This appeal requires the trainee or apprentice to initiate it with the CAA directly in writing.


Complaint Policy

  1. A candidate shall in the first instance, discuss the perceived problem with a relevant member of staff to seek a resolution as soon as possible.

  2. If the candidate is not satisfied with the outcome, we ask that they raise the issue to a formal complaint to the Head of Department verbally or in writing, as soon as possible.

  3. The Head of Department should investigate and seek a resolution, to be advised within 5 working days of the complaint. Where the Head of Department is unavailable (i.e. away on leave) this will be discussed with the candidate to see if the timeframe can be extended, if this is not deemed suitable then a resolution will try to be resolved by the management team.

  4. In the unlikely event that the complaint has not been resolved within 5 working days then the Managing Director will initiate an investigation and will arrive at a conclusion within 15 working days of the initial discussion with the Head of Department.

Subject to the above where appropriate, the Global ATS Ltd team will respond in writing, inform the candidate of the outcome of the investigation, including any relevant information to explain how the outcome was reached.


Complaint relevant to Head of Department


Email complaints are to be sent to, for the attention of the relevant Head of Department. 


Postal Address for Written Complaints: 
Global ATS Ltd 
Gloucestershire Airport, 
Hangar 35, 
GL51 6SR 


Global ATS Ltd Operating Hours: 
Monday – Friday 08.30 – 16.30


Global ATS Ltd Contact Number:
01452 715630


Apprenticeship Candidate Appeals Process

An apprentice candidate, who is on an approved Apprenticeship Programme, can use the contact details below if they are unhappy with the outcome of a complaint made to Global ATS.

The ESFA does not deal with complaints about employment issues (for example, a problem with your contract if you’re working as an apprentice).

You must contact the ESFA within 12 months of the issue occurring.

Email or post your complaint to the ESFA complaints team.


ESFA Complaints Team:

Complaints Team
Education and Skills Funding Agency
Cheylesmore House
Quinton Road

The ESFA will reply with what will happen next.


Review of the Policy

This policy will be reviewed by the Senior Team on a regular basis, not less than annually, as part of Global ATS self-evaluation arrangements and revised as necessary in response to lessons learnt, customer feedback, changes in legislation and guidance from regulators (including apprenticeships regulators).
Our review of the policy will ensure that Global ATS procedures continue to be consistent with legislation and regulatory bodies criteria and are applied appropriately and equitably. If you have any queries about the content of the policy or you wish to give feedback, then please contact Global ATS or email


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