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Cultivate tomorrow's Controllers through our international partnership programmes

Enhance your ATS training with Global ATS's acclaimed courseware, built around our state-of-the-art Micro Nav simulators. Our international partnerships grant access to our ICAO-compliant materials, and experienced lead instructors achieving industry-leading pass and validation rates. Partner with us to pave the way for your future controllers and gain global recognition.

Expertise with proven results

Partner with us and tap into Global ATS’ ICAO-compliant courseware and simulation that consistently outperforms industry benchmarks. Rooted in quality and experience, we adapt to your needs, be it enhancing current operations or creating a new ATC Training Centre. Our rich history ensures you receive world-class, tailored training solutions.

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Seamless integration & adaptable solutions

Discover training that adjusts to your operational needs. Our comprehensive offerings, stemming from the experience of training of over 10,000 students globally, ensure you are always at the forefront of ATC advancements. Enhance your centre's breadth and scale with customised training materials.

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Beyond training: commitment to student welfare

Our partnership promises comprehensive student support as you develop your student well-being model, from mental health provisions to post-training networking. A happy student is successful, and our partnerships aid you to tailor an environment for both.

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What can you expect from an international partnership with Global ATS?


ICAO-compliant courseware

Equip your centre with industry-leading, regulatory-compliant training materials, promoting high pass rates and expertise.


ICAO-Compliant Instructors

Back your courses with Global ATS Instructors and Lead Instructors; industry-leading regulatory-experts who embed their knowledge to assure your success.


Tailor-made ICAO-compliant courseware

Expedite success with ICAO-compliant training and rating courses designed to stimulate local airspace and procedures, ensuring operational readiness.


Simulator training excellence

Benefit from Micro Nav's BEST simulator technology, offering students immersive and realistic training scenarios for maximum retention.


Tailored airspace models

Enhance operational proficiency with customisable airspace models, accurately reflecting local HMIs and procedures.


Comprehensive centre setup

From classrooms to accommodations, establish a full-fledged training environment that optimizes student learning and comfort.


Trusted reputation & credibility

Partner with a leader in ATC training, renowned in the UK and globally, to boost your centre's prestige and credibility.


English-language immersion

Maximise training efficiency with immersive English-language sessions, essential for international aviation communications.


Student welfare focus

Prioritise student well-being with aid in developing robust support mechanisms, including safeguarding, mental health resources, and CISM.


Post-training support

Ensure long-term success with our aftercare approach, emphasising networking and continuous learning opportunities.


CAA compliance expertise

Navigate the complexities of gaining and maintaining CAA compliance with guidance from Global ATS' seasoned experts.


Personalised training solutions

Benefit from our ability to cater to individual requirements, ensuring that your training aligns perfectly with local needs.


Flexible partnership models

Adopt training models that fit your unique needs, from full outsourcing to supplementing current offerings.


Training evolution insights

Stay updated with the latest in ATC developments, ensuring your centre remains current and future-ready.

  • Exceptional ATC and English training. Instructors and facilities are fantastic. Always meeting ICAO standards.


    Fawzi M Al. Marshood, Kuwait Civil Aviation

Our International Presence

Global ATS has been at the forefront of ATC training for over 25 years, committed to excellence, customer success, and student welfare. Our principles have led us to a global stage. With a diverse customer base that spans continents, we have trained over 10,000 students from around the world. These students have benefited from courses that meet both national and international ICAO standards. Our expertise isn't limited by geography; we have extended our reach through our international partnerships program. Whether it's ICAO compliance or course approval from overseas Civil Aviation Authorities, we've got it covered. Our global presence is a testament to our commitment to quality training and the broad capabilities we bring to ATC training worldwide.


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