Aerodrome Control (ADI / TWR)

Runway 26

Who should attend this course?

The Aerodrome Control Instrument course is designed as a standalone course for those who have already completed the UK Basic training course and seek to work in a Tower environment, or ATCO licence holders seeking to obtain an additional rating.

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Retained 2015/340, UK CAA Approved Courses


Aerodrome Control (ADI / TWR)

This course enables on successful completion, the award of the Aerodrome Control Visual and Aerodrome Control Instrument rating with tower endorsement.

The course covers tower training on an enhanced visual simulator, with IFR and VFR aircraft movements and the control of vehicles around a large international airport environment.

  • Successful completion of UK Basic Training Course
  • A valid European Class 3 medical (recommended)
  • A good command of oral and written English, assessed towards
  • ICAO proficiency level 4 during the course
  • Separation
  • Runway safety
  • Ground Movement and Air control
  • Aviation hazards
  • Traffic Integration
  • Coordination
  • Provision of Traffic information
  • Cross runway operations
  • Aerodrome theory
  • Aviation Law
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Equipment and Systems
  • Human Factors
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Abnormal and Emergency (ABES) / Degraded Situations
Course Duration

9 Weeks

The Aerodrome Control Course includes 1.5 weeks of theoretical training and 7.5 weeks of practical training.

Group Size

3-12 Students per Course

Courses are run with groups ranging from 3 to 12 students per course. Courses remain 9 weeks regardless of group size

Course Dates

5 Courses per Year

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