Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer

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Who should attend this course?

Those looking to achieve their student award rating as an Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer.

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Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer

The course has been specifically designed to meet the CAA FISO and AGCS syllabi as defined in CAP1032 and CAP452 respectively. In addition to the objectives captured within the CAP1032 and CAP452 practical training on a simulator is provided to bridge the gap between AGCS and AFSIO phraseology & procedures.

Topics covered are:

  • Air Law & Airspace
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation & Flight Planning
  • Equipment & AFTN
  • FIS Procedures & Phraseology
  • Emergencies
  • Simulator Sessions
To impart the required theoretical knowledge and practical skills enabling the candidate to pass the AGCS ROCC written examination and practical examination. To impart the required knowledge of subject matter enabling candidates to pass the CAA FISO examinations in the subjects of Air Law & Procedures and Meteorology & Navigation.  
Conducted in house: Air Ground Radio Operator – Radio Operators Certificate of Competence The FISO written examinations are usually undertaken at Global ATS, however this is subject to continued CAA approval and may change.  
The UK AFISO course is currently priced at £3,900 excluding VAT, per student. This includes CAA written examination fees. Note: Courses will run subject to a minimum of 3 bookings.
There are no Global ATS entry criteria for the course, however candidates must be able to meet the CAA FISO Licence requirements for issue of a CAA FISO licence and the CAP452 requirements for issuance of an AGCS ROCC. Further details of the licensing requirements can be found in the following publications on the CAA website: CAP452 – Aeronautical Radio Station Operators Guide CAP1032 – Aerodrome Flight Information Service Officer Licensing
Course Duration

3 Weeks

Group Size

1-8 Students per course

Course Dates

Call for details