Approach Procedural (053)

aircraft departing

Who should attend this course?

Those looking for the necessary skills, knowledge and competences to successfully pass the practical and theoretical examination in Approach Control Procedural.

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ICAO Standard ATC Courses


Approach Procedural (053)

The Approach Control Procedural Course is compliant with ICAO standards and recommended practices and meets the requirements and objectives for the ICAO 053 Course.

All entrants must:
  • Have a minimum English language proficiency of ICAO Level 4.

  • Have completed the ATC Basic Training (ICAO 051) Course

  • Approach Control Procedural Theory
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Data Display
  • IFR and VFR Operations
  • Unusual and Emergency Situations
  • Separation Standards
  • ICAO Doc 4444
Course Duration

7 Weeks

The ICAO 053 APP Course consists of 1 week of theoretical training modules, and 6 weeks of practical training.

Group Size

3 - 8 Students per course

Courses are run with groups ranging from 3 to 8 students per course. Courses remain 7 weeks regardless of group size

Course Dates


Our ICAO 053 APP Course dates are subject to customer requirements. We typically require at least 4 weeks advance notice before starting a new course