Approach Procedural (APP)

Who should attend this course?

The UK Approach Control Procedural course is designed as a standalone course for those who have already completed the UK Basic training course and seek to work in an Approach Procedural environment (Non-Radar), or ATCO licence holders seeking to obtain an additional rating.

A 3 day course in combined Tower and Approach operations is also available following the course completion.

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EU 2015/340, UK CAA Approved Courses


Approach Procedural (APP)

This course enables on successful completion, the award of the Approach Control Procedural (APP) rating. The APP course provides comprehensive theoretical and practical training in complex approach control procedural techniques including:

  • Analysis and application of separations
  • Providing UK Flight Information Service (FIS)
  • Arrival and departure planning
  • Overflights
  • Coordination
  • Abnormal and Emergency (ABES) / Degraded Situations
  • Holding and Expected Approach Times (EATs)

The practical exercises cover a wide range of traffic types through exercises of increasing complexity and density.

The course is run in two modules: controlled and uncontrolled environments.

A separate controlled airspace only course is available for the approval of EU national authorities.

  • Successful completion of UK Basic Training Course
  • A valid European Class 3 medical (recommended)
  • A good command of oral and written English, assessed towards
  • ICAO proficiency level 4 during the course
  • Approach Control Procedural Theory
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Data Display
  • VFR, IFR, SVFR Operations
  • Separation Standards
  • Controller Airspace Familiarisation
  • SVFR Operations
  • TRUCE Training
  • Emergencies
  • CAP 393
  • CAP 493
  • CAP 637
  • CAP 744
  • CAP 745
  • EATM Common Core Content
  • ICAO Doc 4444
  • CAP 744
GATS EU 2015/340 portfolio is developed to allow the inclusion of a national module for the specific approval of the national competent authority.
Course Duration

7 Weeks

Group Size

3-12 Students per Course

Courses are run with groups ranging from 3 to 12 students per course. Courses remain 7 weeks regardless of group size

Course Dates

4 Courses per Year

Our Approach Procedural Courses run in January, April, August, and October. Additional courses are run if demand necessitates