We are pleased to announce our collaboration with leading ATC simulation provider Micro Nav, to support the UK aviation industry in its recovery efforts. We are offering a remote pseudo pilot service for those UK airports and ANSPs taking up Micro Nav’s offer of free access to their ATC radar and tower simulator.

Air traffic reduced to an historic low across the world following governments’ efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19 by imposing lockdowns. This led to a series of challenges for the aviation industry, including provision of training for operational and trainee controllers.

At Global ATS we have been using Micro Nav’s ATC simulator to deliver UK CAA approved and ICAO training courses for over 20 years. We will be able to support those taking up Micro Nav’s offer, with trained pseudo pilots, to help improve simulation training and support a best prepared restart to air traffic services.

Marcus Mimms, GATS Managing Director, says: “Being able to offer the remote pilot service represents an exciting opportunity for GATS to work with Micro Nav and to provide what will be a valuable new service to our fantastic network of customer airports and ANSPs in the UK”

“Our vision is to make a positive difference to the world through simulation. This has never been so appropriate as during these times. With the support of GATS, UK airports and ANSPs will be able to benefit from our simulation capabilities, enhanced with remote pseudo pilot services.” said Micro Nav’s Managing Director, Greg Pile.